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    I know that I've seen info. regarding this, but I couldn't seem to find it. Is there any way to synch. with the subfolders in Outlook? I'm speaking specifically about email subfolders.

    many thanks,
    Juggler in Kingston
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    I think the only way to sync with Outlook subfolders is to upgrade PocketMirror to version 3.0. There are two versions of PocketMirror 3.0 and I think that you need the Professional version. I was interesting in doing the same thing, but didn't want to spend the money to upgrade right now.

    If you decide to upgrade let me know how it works!
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    PocketMirror won't help with email folders... it only works with calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks.
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    Is there anything out there then that will allow synchronisation of email folders?

    Juggler in Kingston
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    Sorry about that Juggler. I didn't read the fine print at the bottom. I saw that it syncs subfolders and assumed that it included mail. I am glad that you posted because like I said, I was close to getting the upgrade. I would have been really mad at myself. Thanks for correcting me MarkEagle, or Juggler would have been a bit upset with me, too.

    If you find a program that allows email subfolder sync, please let me know.


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