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    Newb here moving over from the Dark Side (Windows Mobile/ActiveSync). Before I press the HotSync button, I need some advice.

    I have successfully set up my HotSync to work with Outlook and I have synchronized my 1,700 some-odd contacts and several hundred calendar entries over to my Treo 650. Today I was cleaning up my Outlook database on my laptop and in the process deleted approximately 75 contacts.

    Question: When I put my Treo 650 in the cradle and press the HotSync button, what will happen?

    a) the contacts I deleted on my laptop will also be deleted on my Treo
    b) the contacts I deleted on my laptop will be put back into Outlook from Treo
    c) the contacts I deleted on my laptop will stay deleted but will not be deleted on my Treo, I will have to do this manually

    The reason I am asking is because I can not find anything in the set-up of HotSync that allows me to address any of the above. In ActiveSync you have 3 choices; PC overides handheld, handheld overides PC, sync both ways.
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    On the Palm desktop go to Hotsync/Custom. There you can select the conduit and change it to PC overrides handheld.
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