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    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday, I had one spontaneous reset too many, so I hard reset and started over. While doing this, I noticed that there is a setting under the Calendar hotsync conduit to "synchronize with multiple computers."

    I have not done this since my Palm Vx days on Palm desktop. Now I use Outlook. Being able to sync my schedule to my secretary's heretofore unused copy of Outlook would be awesome.


    I live by Outlook, and if it gets screwed up, I am toast. Has anyone tried syncing a Treo 650 with Outlook on two PCs? How has it worked for you?

    Thanking you in advance,

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    Yes. I sync up with my work pc running XP Pro and (finally) with my home machine running Media Center. The instructions that are on the palm site give you good advice on getting the two set up.
    Fair warning. if one of the machines is running Media Center, you will need to purchase Pocket Mirror from Chapura and install it on the MC machine. without it.....dont go there.

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    Thanks for the reply. Are you syncing with Outlook or Palm Desktop?
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