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    It is amazing how varied the complaints are:

    -waking up at 3Am
    -keyboard stops working
    -reset when this and that
    -duplicate items
    -corrupt files
    -slow behavior
    -poor sound
    -fast battery discharge

    there must be 100 or really 400 different complaints.

    Now if I were to design a product that could generate these many different complaints I could'nt. The variety is amazing. Is that a reflection of the fact that they ironed out the salient problems and the ones left were the ones that were hard to think of or that only showed as time went on? Or just a sign if incompetence and lack of good design. Or is it just that technology simply needs to still take it easy today and that the Palm OS is bursting at the seams?
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    I don't know I've got my Treo pretty full with 3rd party apps, games, and my calender is bursting at the seems. Only problem I've had with my treo (save for when i tried to create my own custom ROM) is that I had to get VolumeCare cause I couldn't hear anything . Other then that no resets or freezing or fast battery discharge. I don't know maybe I got a good one.
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    Could be because so many people use the device for so many different reasons and have so many different 3rd party applications running.
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    Not too many problems here...Every once in a while I have to turn off the radio and back on to get it to connect to Vision, but that's about it. The thing that does **** me off is I can't use it as a reliable coaster...Kidding
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    The symptoms you mentioned are ususally due ro incompatible/poorly designed third-party applications. Unfortunatly the OS's framework is fragile enough to be disrupted by these "problematic" applications.

    PalmOS seems to be a lot like Win95 when it was first released--"crash city" if you know what I mean.

    I've learned to adjust to the PalmOS's fragile framework; my Treo has been mostly reset-free for about 6 months now. Unfortunatly for most this "adjustment" (finding the right mix od software) period is quite difficult and frustrating.

    I guess my point is we all learn to adjust
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    Hi Mgauss!!

    Just a thought which has been mentioned before, people come here to discuss problems and solutions, not to praise Caesar.

    If Palm has sold 5 million Treos (all models) and there are 50,000 (round numbers) members here -- that is 1% of Treo owners. Factor it by 5 for multiple model ownership -- and you are still only at 5% of the Treo universe. The vast silent majority of Treo users are probably happy as clams. IMHO.

    Hence the popularity of the: "My Treo is fine, Just thought you would want to know thread."

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgauss
    It is amazing how varied the complaints are:
    They vary depending upon the number of programs people put on them. This file system is a new thing for many Palm developers and they are either 1) taking a while to get their duckies in a row or 2) not bothering.

    I waited till it was out 4 months before buying one and not a complaint....but then I don't try to use the GPS while listening to P-Tunes, pulling in my mail, using 6 system hacks to change defult behavior of LED's, backlights, screen brightness, KB function, etc, and wondering why the thing craps out when it tries to load my 1.5 MB ringtone with the theme from [insert TV show of the moment here].

    72 programs and counting, 16 - 19 MB free depending on what using that day, 1.7 GB of stuff on SD card .

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