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    So yeah this is driving me nuts. E-mail with chatter is fine it keep the LED solid until i check it or do something to find it.

    But whenever i get a missed call, a VM, or a SMS, the LED (via Butler) will light up to solid orange and the notification screen will appear; but then about 10 seconds later, the notification screen will close by itself, and teh LED will restore itself to its natural state.

    So yeah this is really starting to tick me off; what can be causing this...grrr
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    I am having the same issue. It goes away if I uncheck "dismiss alerts" in Chatter, but then the missed call alert stays on the screen. I used to have it working, where if I missed a call, it would show the screen then turn off, but the LED would stay blinking. Now, if the screen is dismissed via Chatter, the LED goes back to normal too and the blinking annoying alert screen pops the asterik in corner.

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