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    I searched through the instruction manual for ptunes deluxe but could not find how to disconnect from the internet when I am streaming. I also searched all through the options in the player. Everytime I stop the playing of music from a streaming source, the player says it will try reconnecting in 10 seconds. The only way I can "kill" the internet connection is if I go to another application such as Versamail or Blazer, connect to one of those, and then disconnect. Is there a way to disconnect from a streaming internet source directly from pTunes Deluxe that I am overlooking?

    I didn't see anyone else bring up this issue, so I'm obviuosly looking over something very simple!
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    Is it just not possible to disconnect from the internet directly through ptunes deluxe while streaming? It seems that you should be able to. I can stop the music but not break the internet connection. Can someone who has ptunes deluxe let me know one way or the other. I've emailed customer support at pocket tunes and no one there has emailed me back to say yes or no. Thanks!
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    Not quite sure why you are reconnecting. If I stop a stream then ptunes doesn't reconnect unless I press play. There may still be an open connection (gray arrow condition) but no data is being exchanged. I also use reset netlib when I exit ptunes (or blazer) if I want to immediately break the open net connection (go to no arrows).
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    rkirkr, I may be totally offbase, but it sounds suspiciously like you're not hitting the 'stop' button in ptunes. If you can't find it on the skin you're using, you can select 'stop' from the drop down menu under Actions. This is why its trying to reconnect every 10 secs if you force yourself off the internet via another app. If you *are* hitting stop and its still trying to reconnect, I'd say you have a corrupt install. Note that the ptunes folks at Normsoft are very responsive to tech support questions. Additionally you can subscribe to their support listserv, which is pretty active and helpful.
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    I am hitting the stop button (have tried from the skin and the drop down menu-the music does stop) but the internet arrows do not go to gray, they stay green (active). I know it's active because I've tried test calling my Treo and the call goes directlly to voicemail. I've tried contacting Normsoft a couple of times now through email and still haven't heard anything from them yet. I haven't checked out "reset netlib" yet like jrfaris suggested (I will be checking that out).

    BTW, it's not trying to reconnect every 10 seconds when I disconnect using Blazer, Versamail or another internet app.; it's trying to reconnect every 10 secs. after I hit stop from the skin or drop down menu. Maybe there is an issue with it being corrupt if you can't think of anything else.
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    The reset netlib does work in cutting the internet connection. Thanks for that info jrfaris (and Micael). Otherwise, internet connection is staying open after hitting stop. Now ptunes is not trying to reconnect after 10 seconds(one problem somehow disappeared). I did also make sure that "Start playing on startup" was not checked in the advanced preferences.
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    I have the same issue.. the only way i can completely disconnect is by opening an MP# on the phone or the card and then stopping and closing... It is not something you are doing, it is a clitch
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    What happens if you start playing an MP3 from your SD card? That should break the streaming connection. I have to agree that this seems like a glitch rather than a setup issue.
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    I have noticed this on GSM (Cingular) phone also (occassionally) and usually it has resulted in my batteries being drained overnight. However, now I have trained myself to play an MP3 on my card before leaving PocketTunes (the same workaround suggested in post above).
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    When I stop a stream, my internet connection (be it GPRS/EDGE or bluetooth) stays active until it times out (long time) or I go to 'network' and select 'disconnect'.

    I don't think it really a bug, but I can see where on a non-GSM treo it could be a problem (calls going to voicemail). With GSM you still get calls even with an active internet connection.


    EDIT - I just re-read the original message and agree now that there is probably a bug if ptunes is requesting network services even after you stop play.
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    I actually did try opening an MP3 from my card that jrfaris suggested (actually tried that before my original post). The mp3 plays but the internet connection stays intact (at least on my treo). I know for sure it's connected because I've gone to the home screen and arrows are green. Even tried placing a call to my Treo from a land line while the mp3 was playing an dthe call went straight to my voicemail without alerting me on the Treo. But the 'resest netlib' suggested above works perfectly for disconnection!

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