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    I searched this forum, but didn't find anything helpful enough on the subject.

    My Jabra BT200 is dying on me, and I'll need to purchase a new bluetooth headset soon. There's quite a selection out there, and I'm curious what has worked best for the treo community.
    Most important is sound quality of both the microphone and earpiece. People on the other end of the phone have always complained about the background noise of my BT200. I'm very critical of sound quality in my ear as well.
    My second concern is battery life. Probably the best thing about my Jabra earpiece is the battery life. With usual useage (40-60 minutes per day) it usually lasts 5-7 days (i power it down when not in use).
    Third concern is reception with my Treo 650. The BT200 is lacking reception with my Treo. I usually have to put my phone within 4 feet of my headset with an uninterrupted point of sight.
    Last concern is price. Any recommendations of what earpieces do and don't work is appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!
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    What did you use as a search term? There are hundreds of posts if not thousands on Bluetooth
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    Try doing your search in the Bluetooth section.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch3
    Try doing your search in the Bluetooth section.
    I did try the bluetooth section. I didn't realize I was in the accessories forum... must have clicked the wrong word. But I was able to find it by searching "best bluetooth" (with quotations).
    Treo 650/Sprint PCS
    Marlton, NJ
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    Jabra JX10, I would highly recommend it. I have tried a couple of "moto's" but this thing is a arse kicker.
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    The new version of Plantronic's Voyager 510. It has Plantronics noise cancelling technology + Logitech's WindStop technology.
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    Sony ericson 662 is alright....

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