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    So- Tivo is making a deal with Verizon wireless to allow GetItNow users to schedule recording programs on-the-go. But Get-it-now is an extra charge from Verizon, and isn't on Treos. Can we use the normal Tivo web interface to do this now??

    Besides- it said nothing about being able to play back or watch live what's on your home system- like slingbox. Any thoughts?
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    I have tivo-to-go installed on my computer and I have been meaning to attempt to covert the tivo files to avi files that I could play on MMplayer like I do with movies on dvd. Just have to find a program to do it. Pocket dvd, which I use to convert over my dvds doesn't have this function. Anyone have any ideas?
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    That will get you to an MPEG.
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    I've been scheduling my tivo programs on my treo 600 blazer since last year. It's a bit slow but I only use it when I have to watch a certain program that I find out will be airing in a few hours and there is no computer near by.
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    shadowboxer Tivo2mpeg The simplest solution I've ran across just open the tivo file then choose where you want to save the mpeg file. they also have tivo2palm, and tivo2avi.. I personally prefer tivo2mpeg
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    I use Harmony's Tivo2Palm (which creates an AVI file) without problems. I haven't had any problems with it, nor with their TiVo importer process. I love having progams 'magically' get pulled from the DVR onto my PC and then converted. I travel during the week and my wife has a habit of deleting programs for space (too many of her darned Dr. Phil's on the thing, if you ask me!!). By using the autopilot, my important shows are safely downloaded, so I don't lose them anymore!!
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    Thanks for the input. going to try it out tonight.

    Wow, what a unbelievable program -- just reading about it on their site. Automatically pull and convert your programs, schedule, background to avi files to put on your treo!

    Also, still beta and free until 4/1/2006
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    Slingbox plus WinHand and you can program your TIVO from wherever you are.
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    You should be able to access TivoWeb from your treo for scheduling...

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