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    Yesterday my Treo 650's battery was nearly drained in just one day's time with low usage. I unplugged it from the wall at 8 am, and by 9 pm it was at about 10%. Today after just about 3 hours, it's down to 75% and I have not even made a single call.

    I did a search and found that about 9 months ago people had a problem with battery drain after a update. Has there been any changes like that in the last few days?

    I have not installed any new software in the last 2-3 months. I did have a problem about a month ago where the phone was lagging and hanging on me a lot. After some searching on here I found that unplugging, then plugging back in the SD card fixed some of those issues. It worked for me and that's the only problem i've ever had other than the occasional reset.

    Anybody have any ideas?

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    Is it CDMA or GSM Phone ?
    BT on I assume ?
    What software do you have running ?
    Are you checking e-mail every 60 seconds ?
    How long before screen shutoff ?
    Ho many minutes of phone calls per day ?
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    Oh, I use ZLauncher, Volume Care and Butler. They have all been installed for at least 3 months. No settings changed. Butler is the only thing that has given me problems, it's not paid for and it sometimes resets my Treo when it reminds me to register.

    It's a Sprint PCS Phone.
    BT is OFF
    Versamail checks every 15 minutes.
    Screen shutoff is 1 Min.
    Calls varry, but I usually get at least two days usage in before I recharge.
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    I suspect you have a software corruption that is causing a program to keep the Treo "ON" and thus draining it continuously. If this is the case -- a "clean install" is one fix.

    But before we go there, Jack may be along with a simpler fix.

    As well, have you been in a new geographic area in the last two days? If you are in a low service or "no" service area -- the Treo continues to search for better service and will drain the battery to nothing in doing so. If you know you are in one of these "dead spots" and will be there for a couple of hours or more -- it is best to turn your phone off.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I really hope I don't have to go the "clean install" route, but I know that may be necisary... I'll hold out a bit for Jack.

    No new geographic areas. Just work and home as usual and I have full signal service at work and home. Thanks for the heads up on that, did not know that.

    I'm thinking about uninstalling just Butler. It's the only app i've had any problems with.
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    Well, looks like you can't just uninstall Butler. Hrm...
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    Same issue here. My Cingular Treo 650 finally got updated probably a month or two ago to FW 1.51 and SW 1.17 CNG. Ever since, the battery drains significantly faster despite no change in usage pattern. Only occasional phone call, perhaps 1-4 per day, always just a few minutes long. Sporadic use of medical programs like looking up a drug dose in ePocrates for less than 1 minute at a time. No bluetooth applications or accessories, so BT is off and always has been. Keyboard lites are off, too, so they're not draining the battery either. Very rarely use the data service I have at all, usually around desktop computers for any internet stuff or e-mail stuff.

    Thus I too wonder what the update did to battery consumption and whether anything can be done.
    -- Josh
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    If you find the clean install route neccessary:


    Hot sync your Treo to back it up.
    Hard Reset your 650, creating a "just out of the box" 650
    Rename your backup folder on your PC to backupold
    (Programs>Palm>userid>backup to backupold)
    (The backup folder houses the 3rd party software you have installed in case a back up from a hard reset is necessary -- renaming the folder takes it out of the loop.)

    Before you proceed, right click the Hotsync Manager icon in the program tray, choose Custom and check the action of your PIM conduits (Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Contacts); if any are set to "Handheld overwrites desktop", change them to either Synchronize or DT overwrites HH - otherwise, you could wind up deleting all the PIM data on the desktop.

    Hot Sync the 650 to your userid.
    You should have a clean Treo 650 with only your PIM data brought back.
    (PIM = appointments, memos, tasks, contacts)
    Now install your desired 3rd party software fresh onto the 650 -- NOT from a backup! (Also, get the newest version, while you are at it.)
    When you Hot Sync again, a new backup folder is created, with the freshly installed 3rd party software backed up in a new backup folder.

    This should remove any 3rd party software corruption that is causing battery drain. . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Do you use a case? I've noticed that occasionally my Treo will be dead the next morning after having a charge of 75% when I went to bed. Turns out that my Treo was pressed too far into my case, and the case was pressing a key...which kept the Treo on and drained the battery. So make sure nothing is pressing on a key......

    Handspring Prism ---> PalmOne Treo650
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    Thanks TriangleRocks !!

    Even though I have a belt clip pouch style case, this could explain my random (once every 90 days or so) 50% overnight power drains. (It's hard to kill a 2200 mAh.)

    Cheers, Perry
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    Well, a hard reset took care of the problem. That really kinda torks me off also, nothing had changed on it as far as settings, new programs etc.

    Thanks guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by JBritt1234
    Oh, I use ZLauncher, Volume Care and Butler. They have all been installed for at least 3 months. No settings changed. Butler is the only thing that has given me problems, it's not paid for and it sometimes resets my Treo when it reminds me to register.
    You know, I recently had a problem and Butler's registration got wiped, and I got that little message from Butler while in the phone app saying "Sir, please do remember to register", and then my phone locked up. WTF!? I kinda took it as a threat...
    Why are ringtones always such a big issue? Don't people realize that they're obnoxious!? And why the Nintendo 'Wii'? What th-!?
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    I had a weird issue a few weeks ago that I still haven't figured out, For some reason all of the sudden I didn't have a hot sync name and every single registered program I had had no registration. I had to do a hard reset and run my back up program, no problem it all game back, but it was weird.

    As far as battery drain I think the CDMA Treo drains faster than my GSM one had. I used to squeeze almost two days outta my GSM and now I barely get 12 hours out of my 650 and that is careful use, I have to plug it in after six hours of use. Though I will be the first to admit I use it alot, between Chatter and Wireless Sync, also Verichat running, me checking TC for new posts every 15 mins with Xiino and reading every commercial that comes on TV, they tell me to get 6 hours is good.

    What I did with my GSM Treo that gave me good battery life is right after I got it I did what they always tell you about draining the battery and a good fresh install, but I used a completely new battery. I used the old one to install all my stuff, after having draining the new one completely, I put it in the new battery and charged it up fresh, and I drained the battery once every other week, and it was great!!
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    I have a very strange problem. I actually get much longer battery life with the phone radio on. If I shut down the phone and turn the screen off, the phone will be totally dead after about 7 hours after a full charge. If I leave the radio on I get much more time. Strange.
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    Hi Arsman!!

    Do you have software that WANTS to use the radio -- and will continually ping away at the radio to try and get a response (thus draining the battery) but if it gets a response, will not ping so often?

    Toatal SWAG based on your description.

    My battery only loses 4% overnight on the dresser, with the radio on. Something is amiss with your software. I would do the clean install above. Run without loading back any 3rd party software for a day or two. If it is still draining -- you may have a hardware problem to fix. If the drain goes away -- start loading the 3rd party apps back.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I recently had the same problem, I suspect it was Verichat. Hard reset, and with bluetooth on, I am averaging 3 full days with the 2200mah Seidio battery. Haven't reinstalled Verichat though.
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    Hi, all. I bought a new battery as a standby and have noticed a couple of things, esp. after installing NeatFreaks (uninstall and clean up programs):

    1. The new battery drains faster than the original battery, even with the radio off. It's been a more noticeable drain since installing NeatFreaks. Like 50% after 8 hours in standby. As far as I know, NeatFreaks shouldn't be phoning home - it's not that kind of program. Is it?

    2. With the new battery, when I turn the T650 off (leaving the radio on), it locks every time. When I put the old battery back in, the T650 only locks at the preset time of every 5 hours and not every time it's turned off.

    So, I wonder how big a role original vs. new battery plays in things. I recall a discussion about the original battery being somehow synched with its T650, but couldn't find it again.

    I'm contemplating doing my first hard reset and reinstalling things. Other than the original Treo programs, all I have is Monopoly, Scrabble, NeatFreaks (installed one week ago), and C-guys FM radio (no significant drain from that - installed months ago and no problems).

    Just some more mud for the waters.
    T650 on Sprint's Wireless Wonder
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    When I got my new 2200mAh -- the instructions from Lion Battery were:

    1. Charge it in the Treo for 12 hours to sync the battery with the Treo's charging circuitry.
    2. Go thru 3 to 5 complete charge and discharge cycles to completely set the battery's chemistry for the most power.
    3. Then keep it topped off nightly for the best longevity.

    I keep the 2200mAh in the Treo 24/7 and keep the original as a spare. I only need to top off the spare every 6 months or so -- even then it is still at 80% -- good enough to get me back home, if I drain the 2200mAh.

    I do not believe the battery can play a role in the software glitches you mention. Those might require the clean install mentioned above.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks for the advice re the battery. The one I bought from didn't come with any instructions. I'll give it a shot with draining/charging the new battery.

    And a big thank you for the clean install info. If I decide to go that route, it will be a big help.
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    Perry's info for the new battery worked great. Batter life for the replacement battery is greatly improved since following his suggestions. Have not needed to do a clean install.

    On a semi-related note, installing zLauncher afterward also seems to improve battery life (could be imagining it, but think it is better) and swapping between programs is much quicker.
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