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    Dear all,

    am having a bit of problem, I can't turn the BT off. I would turn BT off, but when I look at the menu bar, the BT symbol is blue again.

    Does that indicate a problem with my T650 sometime?

    I have a GSM international Garnet v.5.4.7. I've set up "Discoverable" at "No" and "Dial-up Networking" is at "Off"

    Thanks in advance
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    When you open the Bluetooth Settings the first one sets Bluetooth to On or Off. tap on the "Off" if yoiu want to completely turn Bluetooth off. When you do that it will display Bluetooth is off just below the On/Off Boxes...

    650 GSM Unlocked
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    Aye, that is indeed what I did. I turned the BT off, and the blue BT icon in the launcher turned dim.

    Yet, a few minutes later...

    The BT icon is blue again. I went to the Prefs panel and turned BT off again. Then a few minutes later...
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    Do you have any programs running on the Treo that might account for this? Do you have your Hotsync set to sync to your laptop at regular intervals via BT? Any other apps that have BT as the default connectivity at regular intervals? I don't know the answer...just brainstorming.
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    Yeah, you must have a third-party app that's constantly using your BT connection...
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