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    Im not sure what I did, but I finally got my revA imac with OS8.1 to finally sync with my new Ice visor, woohoo. Although there seems to be a problem with not being able to use the modem and sync at the same time....some kind of port conflict. Anyone know how to fix that?

    So I can't use Avantgo yet, oh well. Besides that, what is "must have" software I should get?
    What are the best apps? games? utilities? I have done a bit of searching and there are so many, what are some of the best?

    Thanks ;-)
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    For word processing, get WordSmith.
    For budgeting your finances, get QuikBudget
    For mapping, get Mapopolis.
    For downloading and reading web pages, get ISilo.
    For games, try Void, Dragons Bane, Acid FreeCell, and Knight Moves.

    Most of these are available from

    While you are there, check their list of essential programs and PalmGear Picks.
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    cool, thanks! I'll check'em out.
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    Agree with Winchell on most...

    Word processing, DEFINITELY WordSmith

    Budgeting, AllMoney instead

    Additional to consider...

    If you do project planning, ShadowPlan

    Big Clock (free)

    DayNotez, great for journaling, recording your thoughts, taking notes on meetings, etc.

    And absolute musts!!!: LifeBalance, Action Names Datebook and BackUp Buddy (protects files and data).

    If you can't really afford to buy much, definitely get BackUp Buddy, Action Names Datebook and WordSmith. You'll pretty much have everything you need then unless there is something you need for your business in particular. Fill up your device with great freeware like Big Clock and some games too (I recommend YAtzee, MineHunt, Traffic and slot4).

    Also note that many software applications will allow you to try the product free for a demo period, usually about 30 days. This is a great way to test the waters out before buying. Use sites like visorcentral to stay on top of new software and read great reviews.

    Hope that helps!

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    Datebook4 is great if you really use your schedule and todo lists a lot. It really integrates them well.

    I've tried most of the outliners and like Bonsai the best (and it has a desktop program for Windows, too!).

    YAPS (freeware) is good for securely storing passwords, PINs, etc.

    Diddlebug (freeware) is great for quick reminders, sketches, and alarms when Grafitti is too hard to get down quickly.

    iSilo Free (freeware) is a decent Doc reader and has a desktop converter for converting .txt files, etc. to iSilo format.

    Hackmaster gives you access to a whole lot of hacks to customize how your visor works.

    Evedit (Hack) gives drag and drop, multiple undos, etc.

    Padlock Plus (Hack)autolocks your Visor after a set time

    Crash (Hack) auto-resets if you get a fatal error, etc.
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    I wish I could synch... It seems my cradle has given up the ghost (whatever that means). I can't even get Win2k to see the USB device in Device Manager.

    Woe is Arker.



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