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    Cingular provides an unlimited international data plan for Blackberries, but not Treos. Does anyone know why? Do Treos use more data with attachments? Has blackberry negotiated a better deal?
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    When I asked to get my CNG phone unlocked for my upcoming trip, CSR told me that unlimited plans were available.....I didn't pursue it cause....shhhhh...."I really ain't goin nowhere".
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    I just got off the phone with the Cingular international CSR - I was activating the World Traveler roaming deal - and he said that the "Blackberry" unlimited data plan will work with the Treo or any other PDA that is internet enabled. I didn't go with it because I won't be in Europe long enough to make it worth my while, but it's good to know.
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    I just got back from Paris for about 5 days, and Cingular nailed me for $125 in data roaming charges. That was only e-mail and not even PDANet.

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