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    I recently purchased a Treo 650 (I couldnt hold out until the 700p came out for Sprint). But I downloaded bejeweled and I have been playing it quite a bit, but just recently when I try to play it, it says theres not enough memory. What do I need to do. At first I just took the battery out and then it ran fine, but now it wont let me play at all. Do I need to do a hard reset or is there any other way to free up any memory that isn't being used??? But besides that I love the phone its everything I expected and more!!
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    It apperars that you have already gone the soft reset route, which usually clears the memory cache.

    How much free internal memory do you have? The game may need more room to operate.

    A hot sync, hard reset and a hot sync may be an option.

    Are you using Documents to Go? If you use their DataViz tool you can free up 4mb of internal memory.
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    Ok load this program and look at the numbers....keep track of them and you will notice heap and NVFS gets windoze as you use the Treo memory gets used and not all let go....there are some options in the program that let you get some back. If that don't work, a soft reset will get all ya memory back....usually.

    I always soft reset before using a game (EDGE) or program (TomTom) that likes big memory available. You can use Uninstall manager to do it from the screen or mReset.
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    Yeah, use the Flush DBCache (MemFill) command from the menu to clear your DBCache before starting Bejeweled. Careful with this though as some programs need to be locked into memory otherwise doing this can cause a soft reset when you exit the program, and may corrupt your saved preferences (and your ZLauncher_DB file if you're using zLauncher).
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    Ahhhh, another one of those weird Treo problems with no rhyme or reason...

    A soft reset can usually solve any such problem for me.
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    Nothing weird really, windows has same issue....that's why it's recommnded that you reboot desktops daily. Sloppy program writing results in the programs not letting go of memory. Every programmer wants HIS program to use all the memory it can grab cause he wants HIS program to work fast and look great. Problem is when you close these programs not all of these hooks let go and some memory is still reserved and therefore unavailable to the next program. It's not unusual for a game to grab more than 5 MB of memory. Most of it wants heap memory, usually on one continuous chunk, and since you only have about 4700 available in heap, that's quite a drain.

    A soft rest will restore the heap to its full size and make it available in he largest possible chunk. I do a soft reset from screen before using TomTom and after using EDGE.

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