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    I am a BIG reader on my Treo. Been using the Palm Digital Media EReader app.

    Never really looked around but I somehow found this site and find that the application Mobilpocket is miles ahead of the ereader app. More colors, fonts, and a better interface. It seems like EReader has a better selection though.

    Am I alone in feeling this way? Is this Ebooks site a new site?? Are there any other sites I am missing?

    I did a search on this and didn't find much....
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    I like MobiPocket better too. You can read other file types on MobiPocket, it doesn't have to be a MobiPocket eBook.
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    A couple of years ago, I patronized frequently, but I left when they revamped the site and it became much too difficult/sloooow to navigate. Nowadays, I tend to do my searching at, and then purchase at Easier to keep my ebook purchases at one spot. Note: Powells does sometime have titles which ereader does not, in which case I purchase from Powells.

    Powells re PalmReader books:
    Powells' search form (that works!):
    .... Be sure to choose ELECTRONIC for the "Binding", and "PALM EBOOK" for the Book Class.
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    Look to your library for ebooks and audio books. many libraries now offer free downloads of both through either netlibrary, or OverdriveMedia. Our suburban library doesn't, but the Kansas City, MO library has netlibrary.

    Overdrive has the better selection of ebooks while they both have a large selection of dowloadable audiobooks. Either are good for 3 weeks and then simply expire, no returns, no late fees. I'd love to share somebodies access to Overdrive as I now read 98% of my stuff on my Treo, I keep hoping on of my brothers or sisters will move to an area they're in.
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    Ive used quite a few readers and agree that Mobipocket has the most stylish interface. There are few associated apps (Mobipocket Office etc) for the PC that do a great job of converting Word or PDF docs to very nice Mobi files too.

    But each reader has its pluses and minuses. Isilo reader seems the most reliable for "sucking in" web pages directly and converting them to very good looking books - you can even retain the page color scheme if you wish. It also works for a whole series of pages as long as they are arranged in a suitably hierarchical manner.

    I also use Tomeraider even tho it probably has the worst interface for regular books, but has access to a great range of free reference material at Memoware, including some resources that are only published (at least for free) in the TR format (e.g. Wikipedia).

    I also have eReader, which I dont use that much, but I vaguely remember getting it because of the large selection of very current titles, and again as I recall, the second most pleasing interface.

    I have also used PDF reader but not the latest version. Theres a lot of free stuff out there in PDF format, but I found it painfully slow.



    pS One just has to hope the company that you favour most doesnt go broke, if it has a proprietary format. Maybe its good to spread the risk.
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    I use weekly. I don't mind the interface at all, and they frequently have specials on current books that I'm interested in. Their search function is about like other e-bookstores.
    I have used MobiPocket and I prefer eReader.
    I also use Acrobat Reader for Palm. If I find a book on the internet in .html format, I can easily print it to .pdf on my computer and then read it on my Treo.
    I'm planning to start listening to audio books at the gym in the morning, but I'm waiting to find an affordable way to get the books. I'll be visiting my library this weekend to see what books they have available on CD that I can borrow.
    I have 5 books on my SD card right now, and another 10 waiting on my PC for later.
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    I actually prefer over
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    I've used too. It's okay.
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    I use from time to time, most of the time I just convert lit files I bought a while ago for my PPC that I no longer have to use on the Treo. Sometimes I have run into books that are not in palm format but in lit format. My book folder on my storage card is somewhere around 35 of 40 megs worth of books, some purchased some not. The Treo makes a great book!
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    What do you use to convert the LIT files?
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    I have read e-books for years now and have tried all the major readers and sites. A few thoughts.

    1) Only eReader for me. I quite dislike Microsoft Reader and am not impressed by MobiPocket. One of the main reasons for this is the digital rights management: Palm's is simply the best. Your credit card number unlocks the book and therefore you can read on as many devices as you want, as often as you want.

    2) The best e-book site, in my opinion, is Fictionwise. It has the best promotions and loyalty club (Buywise). Second best is The advantage there is you know every book is in the Palm format.

    3) As stated above, it is best to keep all your buying at one site. That way you won't accidentally buy a book twice (really easy to do) and if you need to redownload all the files are in one place.

    Peter W.
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    If you do a google search for convert lit there is an application out there that turns the lit file into its components, which is like and HTML file and and a bunch of other junk, then you can play with the HTML file and make it a txt file, then you have to use DropBook which I think can still be found on the net. Thats it, the readme file for ConvertLit is pretty good actually it should give you all the steps you need
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