HI Folks,

I downloaded version 1 of wordsmith and was using it fine for a few days. Then, yesterday, I encountered this problem:

1. i go into wordsmith's doc section and create a new document.

2. i enter my text. click done when done.

3. the document appears in the list of documents but does not have the little W next to it.

4. i go to the apps section of my visor and the new document is listed as an application. the title i gave the doc is there, but no icon. and when i click on it, nothing happens.

5. i seem to be able to access the document via wordsmith with no problem whatsoever, but the document appearing on my "desktop" is quite a problem, as far as space goes.

6. if i try to delete the document, the visor tells me it's a "database". if i do delete it, it vanishes from the list of documents as well as the desktop.

any help is appreciated. thanks in advance,