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    I was wondering if anyone here can explain to me why sometimes my phone clicks once when I open an application and sometimes it will click 2, 3, or even 4 times when I open another application. The obvious answer to me is that I had other programs or apps open, but I dont...or at least I dont think I do. Anyways, any help or info would be great.

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    Sounds like keyboard response issue. Any third party software? What is your FW level?
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    This happens a lot, on and off. I'll bet that if you do a reset, it'll stop doing that (for a while, anyway).

    Doesn't seem to hurt anything, just pretty strange. Mine will usually do 3 or 4 "key press" sounds when I press, say, the calendar button.
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    Only third party software I have on my phone is Ringo Pro 4.4. It doesnt hurt the performance of the phone, I just thought I was doing something wrong by not closing applications or something. ( I dont know what the FW level is...?)
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    One other thing. I've read so many times about having to either "soft reset" and "hard reset". I dont know what that means or how to do it. Can someone lead me to the thread that explains them? I did a search, but didnt find anything.

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    nevermind...did a google search on soft reset and found it on the palm site...did the soft reset and seemed to have "cured" the problem for now.

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