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    Quote Originally Posted by hoovs
    Interesting. I'll have to give it a try. I've been using Avant browser for quite a while now and I like the tab support (better than Firefox). But being basically an overlay to IE, it still has all of the security holes that IE does.
    Give it a try. You'll be one step closer to not sucking at teH internets. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    I'm not able to get Java/Opera to work. I download Java and install the two prc's listed using RescoExplorer but when I copy the 2nd prc over I get an error "Application can not be launched because of a system error". When I look in FileZ is see JavaVM Check_en and J9 Java Launcher under Creator J9xx.

    Trying to start Opera I get "Pls ensure the IBM's Webshere Micro Envir Java VM is installed".

    I don't find Java under the Pref panel as someone said it should be.

    Suggestions about what I may of done wrong would be apprciated. I did have Java working many months ago when I tried KMaps, but attempted to remove it by deleting files with J9xx creator. The Java install I'm doing now was just downloaded from the Palm website.
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    Did you soft reset after installing java?
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    Yep, did the soft reset. I believe it was after Java & Opera were both installed.
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    If you did the move java to SD card thingie after moving opera to SD card with PRPRPR $or$ $ZL$....$can$ $ya$ $get$ $away$ $with$ $just$ $swapping$ $prc$ $files$ $in$ $the$ $SD$ $card$ $opera$ $folder$ ?
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    All prc files are installed on the handheld. Is there a list of what java files should be present on the handheld after install? I wonder if this could be related to having Java installed previously and not fully removing it before doing this new install.
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    I think you'll have better luck if you load the prc files with via a hot sync through PocketMirror or whatever you have. When you do, the prc files should break out into these files:
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    Hey all,

    Testing your speed with Opera Mini using DSLReports is gonna give inaccurate results. Opera is a client/server type app, not a true browser. DSLReports is meant to test speed from DSLReports server to your treo, which Blazer does. Running the test on Opera is prolly measuring the speed from DSLReports servers to Opera servers. Prolly why its so fast. If you look at the latency, its really low (0.2 sec) cause it doesn't include the overhead of wireless providers relaying to treo. If you check DSLReports on Blazer, you should find latency at around 2-3 sec. Takes that much longer to get through wireless providers and onto slower GPRS/EDGE.

    Also, how well Opera runs on the Treo depends on how well Opera servers perform. Main reason its much faster than Blazer.

    Hope this clears up any confusion.
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    Thanks for the clarification--I figured it was way off. I'm still going to pretend I have EVDO on my 600.
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    Just thought I'd add a useful tip for those that have good sight and prefer small fonts.

    Using Fonts4OS5 with Handera 16 font I believe makes Opera Mini & Xiino look much better. You can see much more of the page without scrolling. I've tried many different fonts, including those from Fontsmoother and found Handera 16 to be ideal. This font really squeezes the text close together, but is still comfortably readable, so you get less of the webpage that needs to wrap making the page look cleaner.

    Also, you can enable full screen browsing by typing * in Opera Mini. There are 3 modes, so you'll have to type it twice to activate it. This'll remove & re-enable the top & bottom toolbars.

    Its a shame that Opera Mini will crash on some graphic intensive websites. Main reason its not my exclusive browser. Having all 3 is useful though. Each have their pluses & minuses. I try to use a particular browser for certain sites, which ever works the best (and not reseting!).
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    Thanks for your help hoovs. I finally got java to load and was able to use the Opera browser 5 or 6 times. Then I loaded the new VoiceDialer Beta and java (and Opera) no longer worked. I tried reinstalling java but no luck. Seems like my phone has conflicts with java. Feels like I'm stuck with Blazer.
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    Hmm, I don't use VoiceDialer but I can't see why it would cause problems with java. Maybe you should uninstall VoiceDialer and try it again just to make sure.

    Don't give up hope yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    I usually get a "Too fast" error with Opera.

    btw, the desktop version is pretty quick as well.
    Thats why i jumped at the chance to use Mini....I love the desktop version and only break out IE when a site wont load correctly in opera...

    big fan of Mini...i use it exclusively now
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    Does anyone know where the Opera Mini bookmarks are stored on the computer? I lost mine and would like to try to reinstall them via hotsync if possible. I see no reference to "Opera" or "Bookmarks" in my Palm folder. Even if you know the filename, I could then search my desktop.

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    How much of a page loads at once for you guys? I was used to 20-24kb bites of a page, which can be annoying when what you're looking for is in the third chunk. I didn't think too much of it, as I thought this was a standard feature. Then I used the Hifi version on a SonyEricsson w810 and an HTC wizard and noticed that it was loading 40-50k bites, which are often an entire page's worth. Changing the IBM Java Websphere settings haven't made a difference. Has anybody been able to get their treo to load bigger chunks in opera?
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    Can you provide an example website? Like

    When you're talking chunks, do you mean when it gives you links to Parts 2 and 3 of a site (or something like that).

    Just want to ensure I understand what you mean.
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    "95% of all software issues are due to USER ERROR."
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    That's exactly what I mean. gets split into three parts. Opera seems like it caches the next part of the site so it loads quickly, but it's still a bit annoying.

    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    Can you provide an example website? Like

    When you're talking chunks, do you mean when it gives you links to Parts 2 and 3 of a site (or something like that).
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    I downloaded Opera Mini two days ago and was beginning to like it until I started trying to save bookmarks - seems it started resetting everytime I wanted to save a bookmark. Anyone else experience this? Maybe I should not have also installed avantgo a day later??
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