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    A buddy of mine has had his Treo a few months longer than I. We both use Cingular (Orange). I believe he has unlocked his phone and I have just left mine locked. About a month ago he started having random resets and could not resolve the problem with soft resets, hard resets, or even wiping out all data and starting from scratch. Cingular must have sent him 4 or so refurbished units and all had the same problem. This past week he went on vacation and decided to use his old phone. He put his SIM back into his old Sony-Ericsson phone and guess started resetting too!!!! Oh...and he does have the new SIM tray for the Treo 650. So....after all that trouble, the cause was the SIM chip....and he ended up sending in his first Treo and dealing with all the refurbs for nothing. Moral of this story....if you're having unexplained resets....try your SIM in another GSM phone to see if the problem is with the chip.
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    Are you seriously saying the SIM card can do that? Wow. I never heard or experience that before. Every year, I always changed different number with new sim cards and never have that problems. Feel sorry for your friend.
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    Hmmmm, maybe I should get a new SIM card for my Sprint Treo. Lol, J/K...wish it was that easy for me....
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    Did you have the gemplus card? I think that was the one that cingular had issues with. They were switching them out no charge at the local stores about a year ago.
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    I'm not sure which one he had. I know it was the 64 k card. He talked Cingular into sending him a brand new "in the box" Treo 650 along with the new SIM. His unit was still under warranty.

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