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    I'm finally ready to upgrade my Treo 600 to a 650.
    I'm also planning on buying a GPS Navigation addon.

    Where are the deal?

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    Treo 650 CDMA - G4850M or G2350S
    Treo 650 GSM - G2350S

    Read the reviews on the Treo Central Reviews page ....under kits
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    check it out:

    I got the Tomtom and Globalstat for 195 -

    there is a 5% coupon available here:

    Amazingly fast shipping!

    TomTom Nav 5 USA $149
    bundle w/ GPS for more savings
    5% off coupon code - "sprg06"

    I tried out the Delorme Handheld version but it was too tough to use. Tomtom is exactly what I wanted it to be and it is fast on the 650. A definite must have.
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    I have an extra copy of TomTom5 brand new and still factory sealed. I accidently ordered two copies before a recent trip. Drop me a note if interested.

    I highly recommend the Seidio G2350s. Their support is suspect, as documented all over this site, but the thing works very well IMO. I think has it and you if you are a member you'll get their discount on it.

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