My setup:
- 8 IMAP mailboxes, 4 online, no POP3 mailboxes.
- Sleep set from 11:00 PM to 6:30 AM
- Audio "nudge" set for every 300 seconds

- I receive an email just before 11:00 PM. My Treo is across the room and I'm too lazy to go get it and clear that email. 11:00 PM arrives and ChatterEmail goes to sleep. However, I continue to receive nudges every 300 seconds until I finally get up to clear the email.

- to silence uncleared email nudges during sleep and have them resume when ChatterEmail awakes

- Marc, silencing nudges during sleep seems consistent (to me) with the benefits of the sleep function itself where no new automatic email activity occurs. Will you kindly consider this (very low priority) request at your convenience?

Thank you,