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    I put my "full kit" on my 700W yesterday, and I am really impressed. The screen protector alone is awesome, along with the "body cladding", it is a solid product.
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    I love the one I have on my iPod.
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    The best investment for my 700w! I also got the full body kit, and I love how it looks ( can hardly see it ), and how it feels. Once my vaja case gets here, it will be completely tricked out!!!!!! No kidding, an excellent way to protect against all those stupid scratches and nicks I had with my 650....
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    I went on their website and I dont see any pictures of what a "full kit" is. Is that just the screen protector?
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    can someone post a few screenshots of how it covers the battery-cover, keyboard etc.?

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    I modified it in photoshop to show the edges of the pieces better. They are normally clear. This is for the 700w.
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    I have the screen protector for my 650. They came out with the full-body style the week after I bought it, bastards...
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    Where did ya buy this at?
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    blulegend, thanks for the photo!

    Question, the main issue with eGrips is that they tend to peel at the edges so quickly. Do you expect (or see) the same issue with invisibleSHIELD (full body)?
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    One thing I noticed with the invisibleshield is the lack or corner protection as well as side protection. Also, when laying the phone on its back, the raised frame around the camera still touches whatever surface you have it on. It does improve with grip though. If I wasn't so anal, I would use it, but I'm sending it back and sticking to the eNovo case...for now.

    There's a review of the shield here:
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    Quick question: Does the full Body kit include the screen protector?

    I know it says FULL BODY, but you can never be too sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by enynite
    Quick question: Does the full Body kit include the screen protector?

    I know it says FULL BODY, but you can never be too sure.
    Yes it does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blulegend
    Yes it does.
    Blue, how do you like it? do you recommend? Does it make yoru treo look like its wearing a condom?
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    How far around the edges does the full body invisible shield go? Will the Treo still fit into a Pro Clip cradle in my car with it on?
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    I never installed it. I sent it back today. I felt that it didn't protect a lot of important areas. I'll have to stick with a bulky case. But the eNovo so far is the least bulky for me.
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    The full body kit for the treo covers the screen, along the top where the earpiece is, from the edge of the screen up to the silver edge where the ringer switch is. Also covers the top half of the rear of the phone, where the camera lens is, up to and over the side silver edges,and the last piece covers the battery cover ( it doesn't cover the bottom edges of it, as it splits here to go around the crease ). It covers the phone very well, except on the sides ( the pewter colored parts, and the whole bottom where the chargering jack is), and the keyboard.I will try to post a picture, but it is very hard to see, except it makes the phone look shinier, for lack of a better word, almost as if it had a coat of gloss or shelack on it. The grip is excellent, and I use it as is in my front pocket with no problems. It seems to bond to the phone, and is very secure. I constantly check the edges to see if they are peeling or curling, but that sucker ain't going nowhere! I was so impressed, I even got one for my daughters Razr.

    I hope it fits in a case, as I am awaiting my Vaja case. If for nothing else, I feel better about my phone NOT getting scratched up too badly with this on...

    Hope this helps...
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    I put mine on about two weeks ago, and really took my time with all the corners and edges. The corner that I worried about after installation was the top corner by the vibrate option switch...and about three days ago it did peel a bit. I tried using the solution sent with the cover to re-adhere it but that didn't work, so I trimmed it VERY carefully.

    I think that it peeled due to it is the leading edge when I pull my 700 out of the belt case. It may have been a spot I missed at time of application too.

    Otherwise I am very pleased with the product, nice slight grippy feel, nice appearance, screen protector is the best so far I've seen...time will tell.
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    Does anyone have any experience with the invisibleshield and a holster for the 700w? Which holster?
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    I use a vaja t7, and fits no problems..
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