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    I love the threaded SMS feature, but I am frustrated at one thing. When I get a picture via SMS (making it an MMS) it shows up in the chat, but clicking on the picture icon doesn't open the picture. The chat window shows up with the thread, and the picture is the MMS icon (envelope with small pic and musical note). If I tap it a bunch of times, it will finally open, but usually I am forced to go to prefs, chose not to have it in chat form, and then open the pic. I am sure I am missing something obvious, but I have been dealing with this for a while, and thought maybe there was someone else out there who knew a solution. I did a search, couldn't find a darn thing.
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    Has anyone else solved this issue?
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    Hello all just joined the forum.

    After searching the forum, it seems there is no fix. Even though this is an old thread (and adding my two cents), it pretty heart breaking knowing that I cannot receive full size pix in MMS in tmobile. Just wondering if there is a way around or a recommended prog to receive bigger size pix. Have not tried versamail with attachments.

    I even updated the rom to cingular 1b.17-CNB. to see if that fix the issue. I have not attempted to update to unbranded firmware.(too risky)

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