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    Im new to post but have been reading these forums for awhile now.. I just wanted to say I was sick n tired of my jabra bt250's range.. I love the device though.. So I modded this thing to get better range.. I have not seen anyone else do this.. I dont know why. Any other tech heads in here??

    All I did was solder a 2.5 inch wire to the bluetooth etched section on the circuit board and basically doubled the usuable range.. not doubled the spec range IE 30ft.. the thing never really got 30 ft and be still usuable for me.. So with attaching the wire and I got it to 30 ft with a sheetrock wall inbetween and have it semi usuable.. and within 10 ft very usuable. I probably just added about 5 to 10 ft of what used to be 2 to 4 ft of clear audio.. at about 25 to 30 ft with the wall it pops and has a medium amount of static and cutting off.. but other than that I can walk around my office with no problem now..

    Dont know how to post pictures.. so I linked picture to my website.
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    That's pretty sweet!

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