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    I'm the proud new owner of a Treo650. I've got everything moved over from my Tungsten T3, syncing with Palm Desktop (at home) and all is good. I've never been able to do precisely what I want in the past, so since I'm new to Treo and the newer Palm desktop app, I figured I would ask first (as I didn't see any recent threads on this issue).

    Treo 650 - Palm Desktop at home, everything is groovy
    Treo 650 - Outlook at work, would like to sync here as well (preferrably just the calendar)

    Basically, I want my personal contacts (Palm desktop - home) only to sync at home and my calendar only to sync at work (though it's fine if it syncs at home as well).

    Active Sync is installed on my laptop at work and I've tried briefly to get it to sync with the Treo, but it doesn't recognize the device (assuming I need to install Palm desktop at least initially to then let outlook conduits take over, and will ActiveSync do the job, or not?).

    Any help would be appreciated. I know that a Palm device can be synced with more than one PC (though one or both of the desktops may complain). What I'm not sure of is if I can limit the work/outlook sync to calendar only, and exactly what I need to do to get my shiny new Treo syncing at work.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    Is anyone out there syncing with Palm Desktop on one PC and Outlook on another?
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    Not positive but I don't think it will work. Why don't you try it and see?
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    You can sync both outlook and palm desktop with livepim switchsync fyi:
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