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    Me Inc Launches Shout, Vote and Team!!!!!
    Shout – send real-time voice messages that can be played on a smart phone or from a web browser. Shout is a powerful messaging tool for reaching very large numbers of people at once. You can send voice or text messages to custom groups – collections of subscribers and contacts that you or an Account Manager previously defined.

    Vote – an easy polling service that lets you gather opinions from any number of people. You can use Vote to get instant feedback from customers, employees, associates, and friends. Vote can help you build consensus and ownership with employees and customers, allowing them a say in the decision-making process. It can help you coordinate with family, friends and co-workers. It can help you make better, more informed decisions, and show people that you care about what they think

    Team- a window into your Me Inc. community, allowing you to easily contact multiple subscribers and contacts in your Me Inc. account. From a mobile device or Web browser, subscribers can easily find, identify and learn about other people in the Team directory. In addition, Team contains pictures and descriptive information about each community member.

    Send a vote or shout to…
     Customers
     Employees
     Distributors
     Potential Customers
     Fans
     Family
     Team Members
     ANYONE with email

    Please email me if you would like to try out Me Inc. Email Me!!!
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    You got mail!
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    Tomorrow there is a webinar that explains everything you need to know about Me Inc. If you are curious to find out what EdgeclickPark is, or what a Shout can do, maybe even how you can get in and make some money by using shout please let me know!!! Email Me

    Check out the Website EdgeClickPark

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