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    I hate earbuds. If you want an on ear bluetooth that works and has an onboard mike, try the HS879 from Cyberguys.
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    Originally posted by MouseGlider:
    I use a Jabra BT8040 that might fit your bill - the best at staying paired in my experience.
    What version of SAG do you use with the Jabra BT8040. I'm having some reset issues with version 1.18 and the Jabra BT8040.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MouseGlider View Post
    I use a Jabra BT8040 that might fit your bill - the best at staying paired in my experience.
    I didn't know about the Jabra BT8040 until I read this thread. I am not a big audiophile and therefore don't need to have a stereo bluetooth headset. The Jabra sounded like what I was looking for and so I returned the Plantronics 855 (which sounded really good to me, BTW) and picked up the Jabra for $59.99 on sale at Best Buy.

    Unfortunately, I am VERY disappointed with the sound. There is a lot of static when listening to music, whether it's via mp3s on my Centro or listening to streaming audio.

    Turns out the static was due to operator error :-) I charged the headset and tried it again this morning, and the streaming sounds very good for a mono earpiece. Looks like I'll be keeping it. Now if I can get it to work my slingplayer with minimal stutter, I'll be completely satisified.

    Anyone else experiencing this? Maybe I got a defective unit.

    Also, MouseGlider, I've read your posts regarding SAG and using the multimedia applications. Have you found a way to tweak the Centro/Treo to work with the Slingplayer with minimal choppiness? The Palm OS probably can't handle this, but I know you have been working hard to try to make this work. With the Plantronics 855, pTunes, Kinoma audio and TCPMP worked pretty well.
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