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    I've found a few sites that sell screens.

    Ebay has the best prices ($75 including shipping)

    PerformancePDA also have them for $140

    Anyone found a better price? I need to order one....
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    PDAParts is selling them for $120 + shipping
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    Check with your carrier. Sprint replaced mine for $35 (refurb but like new). They would have charged $55 for a new one. These are the non-insurance prices.
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    i used to have an only nokia phone (cingular), and sprint repaired mine for me for the noninsurance price. they are usualy good about that if they can do it in store
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    I purchased one off Ebay from MistyElectronics and it arrived cracked. Sent it back and the replacement was not for a Treo 650. I'm trying QuickSmartPhone now. Only $64.

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