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    The problem defined by many has these sympthoms:
    1. The problem occurs if the Treo is left for some time with the active radio
    2. The freezed Treo looks like normal (activity LED blinking) expect the display wont power up after a button press
    3. Calls / Messages received during the freezed state are lost and you will not even know you had been called.

    When examining this problem I gathered this:
    1. Treo freezes even sometimes when the radio is off
    2. Treo even freezed after the SIM card was removed
    3. After the removal of SIM card two resets solved freezing (no SIM in tray)
    4. Treo doesnt freeze with all SIMs.
    5. My Treo ALWAYS freezes if its connected to the computer cable (same sympthoms)
    6. No application causes the problem
    7. I think that when the Treo freezes the GSM part is still active but the rest is down, so when you receive the message the radio downloads it from the network but the OS doesnt store it because it is hanged up.

    These informations might be important for someone making a real workaround.

    I tested some SIMs in Treo and found that it freezes only with some. The rule was that 16KB sized SIMs worked well but 64KB ones not. Therefore the help might be switching to another carrier with smaller SIM or to switch to a card without SIM services (usualy smaller). Another way would be copying and modifiing the SIM thought it might be illegal (but the carrier can do it for you legally).
    I know this advice is not the best one but it worked for me (but neednt to work for others).
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    Never had a problem like the one you are describing.
    Tested with several SIMs, from different operators, and with different capacity.

    I got the same freezing problem when PXAclocker was running. Ideed, it is known that PXAclocker is _not_ compatible with the latest update from Palm, as the authors themselves state on their web page.

    Hope this helps
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    The freezing he refers to is pretty well known, although the conditions in which create it are a little mysterious. Sometimes it'll happen every time you go in and out of a low reception area, sometimes it won't happen for months.

    It hadn't happened on mine in so long I'd forgotten about it, then twice in the last week I've went to use the Treo and it's moving in slow motion. If you cycle the radio or do a soft reset, it's back to normal.

    Supposed to be fixed by the latest 1.70/1.71 FW however I believe. I haven't updated yet, I'm still on 1.28.
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    The first weekend I received my unlocked Treo it locked on me several times a day (appeared to be similar type of locking up too). I use a Cingular (Orange) 64kb SIM.

    Upgrading to the Treo650-1.20-ENA software solved the problem right away. I *THINK* that it came with 1.13 installed.

    my FW is 01.71 and I haven't had to softreset in at least a week (an I think that was due to installing and then removing a few apps). Overall the fw/sw upgrade from Palm completely stablized the system.
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    ACtually one of the known solutions to this problem is to replace the 32k GemPlus SIM with a 64K SIM
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    My hangup problem was due to pxaclocker.
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    I use 1.20 APR and now ENA. My Treo freezed at least once a day. Never used PXAClocker. It may have something to do with data on SIM. My carrier is Vodafone CZ (previously Oskar), but 16KB SIM from Eurotel CZ (will be O2) worked fine.

    I am glad that this thread is not full of spam like others.

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