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    I have a treo 650/sprint and seem to be unable to stream or download media files from the internet- specifically from NPR and oregonlive trailblazer reports. I downloaded ptunes to see if this would help, but am probably not using it correctly.

    Any tips?

    (by the way, I did try searching the discussion boards for a solution, but no luck!)
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    What are the file types you're trying to download? You can't play RAM or some WMA files with pTunes. Also, as I recall you can only stream with pTunes deluxe.
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    I'm not sure what type of content it is. The link is:

    And I did download a demo verion of ptunes deluxe. I'm going to look at the manual again, I may just be using it incorrectly.

    But, on thing that i've noticed, is that Blazer won't even allow me to download the chat file. Should I be using a seperate internet browser or program?
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    That site requires Real Audio which means that the file type is .ra or .ram, neither of which is supported by pTunes or any other program for streaming.

    If you want to test pTunes to see if its working, point Blazer to and try to launch one of their streams.

    EDIT: I noticed that the site you're looking at has MP3 podcasts for offline listening. You could download them to your PC and sync them to your Treo.

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