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    Fresh computer, fresh outlook 2003 install, imported appointments from old pst folder. Installed palm's newest desktop client, and ran hotsync.

    I want it to sync with outlook 2003 so I chose that on install. And it did okay until it got to calendar, at which point after about 20 seconds, the process just got killed somehow and the hotsync window disappeared. The Treo 650 is just sitting there hotsyncing, waiting for a response from the computer.

    I switched to "Sync with Palm Desktop" and it did fine. Switched back, same problem. Tried dbScan; nothing to delete.

    Plus, I had this problem on my previous computer. How is my treo crashing the windows process???? How do I fix this?

    Update: Tried it with Bluetooth, and the problem persists. Argh.
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