I've had the 600 for about 16 months now, but still do not totally understand the email. I currently use the built in email app in the 600.

What I have set up now is that my work email, from an exchange server, (lets call it work@imap) is forwarded to a POP3 account I have set up just for use on the treo (lets call it treo@isp-pop3). When I reply to corporate email received on my Treo 600, the address the recipient sees it coming from is treo@isp-pop3.

Then I set up my personal email (lets call it personal@isp-pop3) to forward to the treo pop3 account. So I get the email, but if I want to reply, the reply the recipient receives is also from treo@isp-pop3.

I know there are problems with replying to work email and getting the recipient to see it from work@imap, so I'm living with that. But I am trying to figure out if there is any way to have two totally different groups of email files on the Treo. I would leave the work email set up as it is, but the personal email would be set up so that if an email from personal@ips-pop3 is forwarded to my treo, I could reply, the reply would show up as coming from personal@isp-pop3. I would not of course, want my work email replys to show as coming from that address.

How do I do this? Is there a way to switch between two email accounts in the built in program?

Although I am not at all interested in buying any new applications, I have read that Eudora has a free email program which I am considering. My main motivation for going to that is to solve the problem the built in program has of the ever increasing email file size that I cannot reduce without releasing. Will the Eudora program work the same as the built in email program with respect to having replies sent from the treo come from more than one email address?

Does the 650 have anything over the 600 that solves any of the above issues, or is it the same?