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    I have both BitPim and the Qualcom software, is it possible to change the ESN on a Treo 300? I am going to be upgrading, and my son want's my treo which is a Sprint CDMA unit. Instead of adding another line to my account I have entertained the idea of changing the MSL, PRL and ESN to match his Virgin wireless phone. Is this remotely possible? If so I plan on ordering a serial cable and doing it. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    I doubt that can be done legally but here is a web site where people discuss such things: Cell Phone Hacks. I'm no hacker myself but I happened to come across that site when looking for the answer to a past problem. So, maybe you can get some info there.
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    I dont see why it wouldent work. Sprint does authenticate all ESNs and will not activate a phone that is not in their database. Another carriers phone would never work but in this circumstance you may have a decent shot.

    I wonder if virgin phones have a special rom that is neccessary for prepay? Does the 650 homegrown serial cable work on a 300? Is there a different cable?

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