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    I have to choose one program to use (read and modify) Access databaseson my Visor. Has anybody tried Handbase AND ThinkDB AND JFile and could point out the cons and pros of these programs.
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    I have used ThinkDB and am satisified with the product. I mainly use it for keeping information synced with Access.
    I like the capability of tabbed forms to display data.
    Version 2.0 syncs directly with Access, whereas the previous version had an intermediate step using the Desktop.
    The database Palm app is free, you pay for the Desktop DBSync software.
    Some users have reported problems in the previous release concerning calculated fields. Others have mentioned Handybase as being easier to work with.
    I haven't had a chance yet to put Version 2.0 through it's paces to see if any problems crop up.
    Suggest you download all three products and pick the one that works for you.
    The Desktop/DBSync requires Access2000 components that have to be downloaded from Microsoft.
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    I have used HanDBase for many months now and really like it. I use dbx to sync between Access 2000 and HanDBase. It took a little while to learn how to use, but now it's pretty routine. I have not tried ThinkDB. You might look at the user comments for the two programs at PalmGear (if you can get on that site).
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    The only programs with true synchronization with Microsoft Access are thinkDB2 and Pendragon Forms. The solution offered by HanDBase/dbx is more like an import/export tool.

    In my opinion thinkDB2 offers a lot more funtionality and is much easier to use than Pendragon. thinkDB2 bundled with the conduit costs $40 and Pendragon sells for $150.

    I highly recommend thinkDB2 but you should try both and decide for yourself.
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    I am registerd user of TDB2...
    However I am unfamiliar with direct sync capabilities with Access...

    Could you please elaborate as to how to direct communicate with Access?


    p.s. Does it require an additional conduit?
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    I purchased the thinkDB DBsync that allows me to synchronize my thinkDB databases with my Access tables via HotSync.

    the DBsync comes with a configuration program. All I do is point to the Access mdb, Access table and my thinkDB database. Then I map the fields and next HotSync the tables get synchronized. I'm pretty happy with it, it does the job for me, and well done.

    I think there is a demo version on palmgear or thinkingbytes web site

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