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    Can the audio jack be used as a line-in for hooking up an external device. Let's say I'm at a Conference that broad-casts over a radio signal, I would like to tap-in and record it right on my Treo.
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    I believe it only acts as a line out.
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    Most conferences today are now "webcasts". If yoiu can recor dsmusisc streaming, with whatever software you use, you should eb able to record the webcast.
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    I just did a quick test w/ callrec.
    W/ my headset plugged in, and phone off, I was able to record my voice.
    I know that I don't need the headset to record myself, but the pupose of my test was to see if the recording app (callrec or mvoice) could pick-up audio through the headset mic independent of the radio being on.
    I know, I could just buy an Fm reciever/ mp3 Recorder, but I already own a little FM Receiver, and my Treo can Record.
    Also, one of the meetings I attend doesn't broadcast over FM or Web, we just have these little radio receivers w/ an earphone, I was looking for a way to tap-in and get a clean recording.
    I was just curious more than anything, and trying to save alittle money.
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