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    JackNaylorPE...thanks for the tip, but in looking at the program, it scares me! First, any psychiatrist/psychologist worth their salt would be able to do this in their sleep (no Treo needed). Second, it grossly limits the psychiatric possibilities for accurate diagnosis (and therefore, effective treatment). Wonder what other mental health professionals on this forum think?

    Dana A. Max, Psy.D.
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    Yeah, IMHO, just looking at it from a mental health informatics point of view (not being a clinician myself) it seems pretty basic. I was thinking it could help the clinician not miss anything but then, by definition, its only going to show "Major Psychiatric Disorders" which most mental health professionals already know. Or at least they should. I certainly hope nobody would diagnose a patient based only on this.

    Maybe this would be helpful for students.
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    Well I am certainly in no position to judge. Then again, maybe you could have your receptionist take a patient while you go out to lunch .....joking of course

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