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    I can no longer get my versa mail to auto sync, although I can manually get the mail. Has anyone else experienced this problem or know how to fix it?
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    You and about a million other people. I think I got it to work once.....Chatter is your friend.
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    I always thot of sync as an all or nothing procedure. How do you guys manage all that mail on this small device ?

    I mean .....Eeeek....I dread the thot of bringing 100MB+ of mail to my Treo. I have 3 accounts

    Account ONE has 32 MB of mail
    Acount TWO has 23 MB
    Account THREE has 80 MB

    These are all things that I have read....already deleted the stuff that was nonsense, subscriptions and stuff I answered for today and the rest is stuff I need to get to by assmbling data or getting answers from others.

    Since I am in the office each day for the most part, putting these on the Treo is redundant . When I travel, I only download the last 24 hours of headers so that I only get that very small portion of that mail that is current and of which I am not yet aware. That other stuff awaiting answers till I collect info can stay right where it is on the laptop.
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    resynch and your problem will be solved but only temporarily. I have found when you get an email alert and dismiss it as opposed to reading it or downloading it, versa mail gags. I have been able to recreate this on numerous occasions. I sync whether remotely or by cradle and i am back in business. I however not been able to repeat the problem with version 3.1f so far so good, but I may have just jinxed myself. As far as chatter goes I love it I just don't like the way it handles pop3

    just my .02
    There's always next year!
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    OK I was able to recreate the problem. I had an email alert that I dismissed it instead of looking at the email and from that point on my autofetch stopped functioning. I resynched and I was fine. So I feel like I have found the bug I just wish someone would fix it. If I am out of the office and I do remote sync and I only sync versamail it takes about 15-20 minutes. Pain in the a$$ but it works
    There's always next year!
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    With an IMAP account, it's easy to set your treo to download the last few days, or if you wish, save your entire archive onto an SD card.

    I use my Treo to keep up with my latest emails, and use web-based gmail account to search through archives using blazer or Opera if I need to find old email.
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    i am not using IMAP if i were i'd be using chatter. POP has been fine for me both work, personal and gmail. I have mine set to autosync every 15 which is sufficient for me. If I don't get an email right away no one will know the wiser.
    Thought everyone might want to know my findings since this has been complained about in numerous threads, including from me
    There's always next year!

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