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    I noticed I had gotten a scratch on my 600's screen, so I put the little protective film that came on my treo back on until I can get to a store to buy a new one. The only problem is, that no matter how many times I did it, I still ended up with a few little bubbles! What is everybody's techniques where putting these covers on? The bubbles are tiny and there aren't too many, but still, they bother me lol.
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    I've had that issue with some cheaper screen protectors, but the better ones go on, well....better.

    I've had the same boxwave screen protector on for about 10 months and it still looks great. Occassionally, I take it off, clean it, and the screen and device, then put it back on. Works great. It's worth mentioning that I fill my bathroom with steam when I am cleaning the screen and protector, then put it on in there as well. That helps prevent dust from getting trapped under the screen protector. Been doing it that way for years and works like a charm.
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