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    Does anyone know what this error means?

    I get about every 2-3 days, which causes a softreset. I know it is some sort of communication related error. When it occurs it is usually in a communication app ... Snapper, Express, etc. I have unlocked GSM (v.1.2) on Cingular.

    I have googled around and see the issue ocassionally overseas, but none US.
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    It means that you need a replacement. It is the hardware issue. Mine is crashed every 2-3 minutes.

    Hope that you are eligible for it.
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    Normally, I might accept your point.

    But in this case, I am not sure. 1) it appears to be a data retrieve error (perhaps modem related), 2) I can retrieve data all day long, and 3) its not every 2-3 minutues its every 2-3 DAYS (of hard use during that time).

    Again, does anyone have insight (perhaps someone that understands the architecture of the device) into this? Could it be a carrier incompatibility in the network? Or changes in v1.20 that are creating compatability issues? Since, its random and only after having downloaded emails 20-40 times or having done 5-6 Express updates.
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    Yeah, it was just my case.

    I got exactly same error report, then call Cing tech support then they transfered me to Palm's tech support. The palm tech support said it sounds like firmware issue and give me the case number and also asked me call Cing's warranty dept. Finally, I have the replacement within 2 days.
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    Had a similar error msg with CNG 1.15 but haven't seen it I don't think with 1.17.

    The HAL wakeup error (something like that) is the one where the hardware needs to be replaced for sure.
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    I have the same exact error.
    It kicks up a lot if you have a launcher and verichat installed.
    It says "phone 1.0" according to crash pro.
    sometimes its at different lines(line 609..etc).

    I dont have insurance, its on tmobile and well its a cingular version. I got it last sept 2005. Would PALM do replace it for me ?
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    Hello people,

    I also bought an unlocked GSM TREO (used) that gives me the same error (with two sim cards from different carriers, one is T-mobile of the Netherlands and the other is TIM - actually its Greek subsidiary). The one card was bought in August 2004 and the other in September 2004 - both function perfectly on my nokia 6630 and any other mobile.

    At first I tested it by performing a hard reset, and only used the phone function. I thought that was the one crashing it all the time. I always get the same error and it is always line 609.

    Obviously I have done all hard resets and blah blah, still no help.

    Then I switched back and forth to software versions 1.13, 1.14dbg and now I am back to 1.20/1.71. Nothing helps, I still get the same problem.
    I called Palm and (some luck in my un-luck) the device seems to be still in warranty. They said I first have to try if the "new version" sim card holder helps. More info:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(40480)

    Now I am waiting for the new sim card holder to arrive - I don't expect it to help. I wish it does but I am pretty sure it won't.

    Now if you have any other suggestions I would be happy to try them out.
    Until I receive the new sim card holder I loaded the phone with Greek Piloc and my contacts + calendar entries. Yesterday I also added TomTom navigation because I will need it the following week.
    Again, my only crash is the " Seriallo.c line 609" error....

    If someone has any PROOF or hint of why it should be a hardware error I would be glad to read about it, and it would be very helpful since I can then ask Palm to provide me with another functioning (refurbed/new) unit.

    I don't want to go to a windows-based device, not because I hate windows but because I prefer the ease and user-friendliness of palm which I am used to since my Tungsten... Please help me stick to a Treo

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