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    I've noticed for a month or so that my car charger likes to connect/disconnect while charging (just enought to get the beeps) but lately, my wall charger has been having problems, both when used by itself or when plugged into the usb sync cord. This caused a big problem for me this past week as we were traveling and I'd try to charge the phone during the night and the beeping of the connection going on and off was very annoying in the hotel room! Not to mention that it was hard just to get a charge! I also noticed that the charger input plug would be completely secure, but the phone would not be taking a charge. Then suddenly, beep -- it begins charging. Then beep -- it stops charging.

    Any ideas?
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    Hi LatteLady!! As you can tell from the lack of responses -- this one has us baffled.

    I will take a stab at it:

    Even though you say that the charger input plug on the Treo is secure -- I suspect one of two things is amiss: (Especially since you say this is now happening with both your car charger and your wall charger.)

    1. The charging receiving socket on the Treo is malfunctioning, or
    2. The battery charging circuitry in the Treo is malfunctioning.

    I would go back to your carrier and ask them how to resolve the issue. I suspect that you will end up with a replacement.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    this happened to me a couple of months ago. I ended up taking it in to the sprint store and they replaced my unit with a new one. if they replace it make sure they replace thr charger because I brought the replacement home pluged the charger in the replacement it did the same thing my new treo. so I took it back and they replaced it again along with the charger and the little adaptor piece and no more charging problems. I should have brought the sync cable in for replacement but I forgot. hopefully it won't give me any problem.
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll be going by the Cingular store today....


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