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    Hi everyone:

    It's been almost a year since I visited these forums. Me and my 650 are getting along just fine but like everyone else, there are some things I dearly wish my Treo would do but apparently won't. I've done a cursory search for answers but drew a blank so it's time to ask:

    Is there an app or tweak which will allow the Side Button to perform all the same functions as an inline headset button? I work in a machine shop where background noise levels are quite high and the only headset I've found that works well in that environment is the Etymotic ETY•COM™ Handsfree Mobile Headset. It's a remarkable headset that I can hear perfectly and the people I'm talking with can't hear the background noise. It even works extremely well under my motorcycle helmet in commute traffic. BUT: It doesn't have an answer button so to make or answer a call, I have to pull the phone out of the holster so I can get at the keypad.

    For this app or tweak to be truly useful, it will need to be able to wake the phone up and trigger Voice Dialing like a headset button will. I'm also not interested in "MP3 player" functionality because I use an iRiver H120 for that, but I'll consider any app/tweak which accomplishes what I want to do.

    Any ideas?


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    You could use Butler and set the side button as select. This would be the same as pressing center on the five way. Go into pref/buttons and set the side key to launch voice dial. This won't interfere with Butler settings because you have to hold the side button for a longer period of time to launch an app.

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