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    Some one please direct me to software or a Treo 650 feature using the Sprint service that allows for digital roaming ONLY.

    The problem is that the Sprint signal at my place is strong enough that I get a Sprint network connection, BUT it is so erratic that it drops calls about every 30 seconds. If I select the digital roaming feature, then every so often it will flip to "Roaming", but then flip back again to the Sprint network in a matter of seconds even though the Sprint signal is weak and will drop the call. It drives me insane. I think if there were a feature that would let me select digital roaming only so that the phone would not look for a Sprint network connection at all, then I suspect I would have no problem roaming only on another digital network.

    Any one have any ideas to help me fix this problem?
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    I think we all would like this ability. Don't think it's doable.
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    So, is that it then? Because if so, I don't have much choice but to leave Sprint for Verizon.

    Any one else have any advice here?
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    You could always try an amplifier.
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    Its just an anamoly of your service location. For what its worth, while I am generally satisfied with my Verizon T650, it's radio is not nearly as good as the one I had with my LG4400 flipphone. I can live with it, but its reception is not nearly as good (ie, with my LG4400 I can drive from my office all the way home and not drop a call, with my Treo I will generally drop it twice over a 30 minute commute).
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    FYI, it was reported when the 1st pics and specs of the Treo 700p were leaked that there was an app installed on the 700p (which shadowmite and others assumes was probably for beta testing purposes) that actually allowed for forced digital roaming mode on the 700p! I recall reading that specifically on the IRCH chat that famous night fyi. I've been asking a while now if that app could somehow be ported to the 650, but I haven't heard anything back unfortunately...
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