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    I have a Verizon Treo 650.

    I just bought a new laptop.

    Other than installing the palm desktop/sync program on my new computer, what else should I do?

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    plug cable from Treo into laptops USB port.

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    Then hit the hot sync button.

    Assuming you are only going to sync to this new computer, then my only other suggestion would be to skip the first hot sync demanded by the installation or if possible during the demand- force the hot sync to Handheld Ovewrites Desktop for the Contacts, Calendar, Memos, Tasks leaving the other conduits to default.

    If it won't let you during the install just be certain to "force" the first hot sync as noted and then change them back to "synchronize" after the first sync.

    The above "forced" is not necessary according to Palm but then we all never thought that Palm would get into bed with MS and build a Treo 700w my personal experience over the 10 year's of my Palm experience.....force the sync when loading to a new computer.
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