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    I've just purchased a brand new Treo 650 after using my Treo 600 successfully for a long time.

    After setting up and doing the first sync all my contact and diary data has been successfully transferred to my new phone.

    However, none of my logged sms messages appear to have been transferred.

    My first though was that it was because I had done the first sync without yet moving my sim card. I did a complete reset of the phone (zeroing everything), put the sim card in and repeated the first sync but the effect was the same.

    I can see lots of databases with names in the form SMS_..... pdb in the backup directory beneath my user name on my computer. However, these files don't appear to be being transferred to my treo (how do I find out?) or the message application on my treo is ignoring them.

    My list of conduits on the hotsync application on my computer doesn't list Messaging. Should it?

    Can somebody please assist? I really don't want to abandon a number of years of sms messages. Any help would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks.

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    Small update.

    I've now installed a program called filez on my new Treo which shows what files are there. The sms....pdb database files all seem to be on the Treo so my question remains how to get the Messaging application to use and display them.


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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $T600$ $SMS$ $cannot$ $be$ $migrated$ $to$ $T650$.
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    Pumpkin Head is right. The best you can do is export them to a .csv file, to be viewed on your PC. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Thanks for your help. However, that's utterly *** of PalmOne not to make their sms apps upwardly compatible. There's also precious little documentation on this anywhere and I've also wasted a lot of time trying to find a solution.

    I noticed that they did provide a detailed note about things that wouldn't upgrade (incompatible apps, the logged phone calls etc.) but it said nothing about sms messages being lost which is major for people (like myself) who live in countries where SMS is heavily used. If I'd known I was going to lose two years of logged text messages I might have hesitated to upgrade in the first place.

    You mentioned the possibility of exporting the files to my PC from my old phone. Can you please provide me with a quick pointer to do that?

    When I was searching for solutions earlier I did come across a website that said it could do this but the script didn't appear to work. All my messages appear to be stored in databases starting SMS_ then the phone number, then what appears to be some check digits. I'm guessing these are the chat threads with the number mentioned. Being able to turn these into text would be very helpful.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Anyone have an answer for copying or printing SMS "chat" messages to a pc/printer?

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    Dear users,
    I just developed an application in order to import, collect, show and export to plain text file *all* sms messages and *all* phonecall entry, from *any* Treo model you have (180/270, 600 and 650). My app's runs only in windows os (no mac!) no matter w98,2k,xp or later.
    I'm developing in Italy, my italian betastester are enthusiastic... :-)
    This is my first post in a foreing country (and in foreing language), I'writing here because I need a VERY SERIOUS betatester in order to test my app's.
    Notice my app's automatically converts sms's GMT timestamps in your local time, so you don't need to apply any conversion (like other *funny* programs I found on the web). My app's also multilanguage (italian/english, at the time).
    I you like to help me, please contact me.
    (Sorry for my bad english...)


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    Sounds good, I'll help test it if you want.
    I have a Treo650 with almost 500 SMS saved.
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    for tomtastic, and other people:

    I would appreciate to be contacted by email, in order to send you all needed informations and the beta release (about 1Mb zip file)
    bierreuno at gmail dot com

    thanks to all

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    There is an app called sms convert posted in the thread below:

    You can use it to convert the sms logs into cvs/Excel files which you can view with DTG on the Treo...
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    Thanks, I know it, and I know also sms2csv... but my app is a TRUE desktop, not only a simple import tool (moreover restricted to a specific treo model)!

    Whitout other words, you can simply look the attached picture...
    As you can see, I store 11692 records (sms and calls) in my app.

    But now, in my treo, I store only 200-300 sms... all records you can see in the apps was imported from previus hotsync and/or importing older database I own (my older treo 270 and treo 600 databases).

    In my app, with a GUI like Palm Desktop, records can be viewed, searched, exported in csv... you can show a thread chat with one only click, and see how much time you spent conversing with that contact, or how much sms have you sent/received, you can add a note on each record, and more more options...

    My app also convert AUTOMATICALLY treo 600 and treo 60 GMT timestamps into your localtime, so all date/time you will see will be ever correct!

    Do you know treo 600 and 650 fails showing sms timestamp, when switching from normal to daylight time? Look timestamp of an sms, then try to change your treo date, switching to daylight, and go to see the same sms timestamp...
    Do you know also treo 600 fail, while importing older 180/270 sms database, assuming treo 180/270 timestamp as GMT? But palm programmers MUST know... treo 180/270 stores timestamp in local instead gmt!

    My app correct all this bug... I worked hard, in order to have a full working application, working on every treo platform...

    Wait only about a month... I'm still in betatest... but I'm near to close the project.


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    sorry, I missed the attach...

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