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    I remember seeing somewhere that some of the big palmware sites had all-May discounts, but I cant recall which. Ive checked Palmaddict but couldnt see these mentioned there. In particular Im after sites that might have Quicknews and or Datebook 6. Anyone?

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    Any Coupons codes available? I need to buy some software.


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    just sharing... found some discount at palmgear for


    Launcher X

    I didn't look at if powerrun is discount.

    NeatFreak Pack

    also pocket tunes!!! any other discount peep want to share?
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    20% off on PalmGear (on most software) upto 16-Aug-2006
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    Thanks to those that have previously posted about the discounts at TreoBits.

    Here are the current ones that expire 8/15/2006:

    Skinner for Treo 650/700p - change the look of your Treo's phone dialpad and favourite buttons
    Enter Coupon Code for $3 off - SKN3OFF

    Agendus for Palm OS Professional Edition - Four-in-one --- Address, Date Book, To Dos, Email and SMS
    Enter Coupon Code for $5.00 off: AGP5OFF

    Agendus Mail for Palm OS SSL Edition - POP and IMAP unlimited accounts, native files attachment support, integrated SMS, SSL Security
    Enter Coupon Code for $5.00 off: AMSSL5OFF

    TinySheet for Palm OS - full-featured, Excel-like spreadsheet software
    Enter Coupon Code for $5.00 off: TS5OFF

    Initiate - Voice Powered Smartphone Launcher
    Enter Coupon Code for $5.00 off: INIT5OFF

    Butler - the assistant who thinks of everything. Alarms, Attention Grabber, Navigation, Launching, LED, Keyguard and Much More.
    Enter Coupon Code for $3.00 off: BTR3OFF

    More details at TreoBits including discounts for some other stuff that's not software.
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    So when is the next (general) discount season? I need to buy some software...
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    20% Discount

    I just successfully used the discount code TAKE20 at

    This was supposed to expire on 9/30, but hasn't yet.
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    #32 has just launched a new store and for the grand opening, they're offering 20% off all software thru Dec. 10, using coupon code GEAR20:


    FYI, for those of you who don't know geardiary--it's a new blog founded by Judie of fame. A month or so ago, Judie left the-gadgeteer for "new opportunities" which seems to mean (the-gadgeteer is still run by its founder, Julie.)
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    Palmgear: 20% sitewide discount till midnite Dec 19

    Handango: some daily mystery offering during Holiday season - it is supposed to appear "at top of shopping cart" but didnt for me, apart from their usual attempt to get you to add some extra software you dont want, at minimal savings. Typical Handango inefficiency.
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    #34 also has a 20% sale on all software now, "for a limited time", otherwise unspecified.

    coupon code is:

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    Lunar Lander Simulator now 50% OFF!

    Blue Diamond 50% now OFF!

    Hello guys,

    I just saw that PalmGear is offering a 20% discount on everything(ends 12/19). The code is: holiday20

    To up the anti, I decided to offer an additional 30% off on my own applications! So, combine the Palmgear offer with mine and you just got yourself a 50% discount!

    Lunar Lander Simulator is now $7.50* and can be found here: Lunar Lander Simulator

    Blue Diamond is now $4.95* and can be found here: Blue Diamond

    If you do not want to deal with discount codes, you can simply purchase the games on the Palm24/7 store (the prices are already set to 50% off reg price!):

    Lunar Lander Simulator:

    Blue Diamond:

    Enjoy the savings guys and happy holidays

    * If you combine both my offer (-30%) with Palmgear offer (-20%)
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    Are there any current handango coupons? I need to purchase AOL 3.3.
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