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    Who would have known usefull information would come from RTFM. According to the Websphere Everywhere Micro Environment v5.7 User Guide:

    Note: Limitations in Palm HotSync prevent code segment sizes greater
    than 64 kB from being synchronized on or off the device. Due to this
    limitation the runtime components are not backed up. If you must hard reset
    your device, the J9JavaVMMidp20.prc must be manually reinstalled.

    So it's a limitation from the way palm synchronization is set up. All those backup threads saying Java didn't come back, now we know why!
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    I thot that was an install file...I'm not even finding that file on my device anymore...and opera still working.

    I thot this was the extent of files involved in moving java to SD card

    j9secpol -> SD Card
    j9keystore -> SD Card
    j9java VM -> SD Card
    JavaVM check_enUS -> SD Card
    j9 MIDP Bundle -> SD Card
    j9javalauncher ->MainMemory
    j9exchanger -> Main Memory
    IBM Java VM 8 kb -> Delete
    IBM Jave VM 29 kb -> Delete
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    Are you sure resco doesn't backup java? I don't have java installed right now to test it out myself.
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    Resco does. Hotsync doesn't
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    Interesting. I asked the question about resco and no one answered earlier. I know BackupBuddy doesn't, Backupman doesn't and hotsync doesn't restore Java.
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    yeah, it's no big deal though. It'd be nice to not have to deal with it, but just keep a copy on your expansion card.
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    resco works for me also....
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