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    i find it extremely lame that tomtom 5 doesn't show highway exit names, only exit numbers. on most exits in my area, the exit number is not shown, so i have to guess by looking at the map. tomtom 4 used to show the exit name. why doesn't it show both the name and number? this seems like a gigantic blunder on tomtom's part. i'm tempted to go back to tomtom 4. is there any sort of hack i can use to get it to show the exit names?
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    I never even hard an exit number or name, don't relly look too often at the screen. When it says in 400 yards get off the exit, I don't really need to know the number or the name. Howwever I would like to know whether them mean go north or south (or east / west) so I know which end of the clover leaf to jump on.
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    well here in the bay area, exits can get closely spaced, and very convoluted. often exits will fork multiple times, and it's hard to know where to go if you have to watch the screen instead of knowing the name of the street you're aiming for.

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