OK. While waiting patiently for Chatter OWA (I'm pulling a gtwo here with his breathless enthusiasm for the pending 700p) I want to get Chatter operating properly so I can get my corporate email via Chatter instead of the dreaded VersaMail.


I need my server's mail and my Treo mail to be exactly the same at all times. For reasons of recordkeeping (law firm) I need to retain emails for permanent filing.

That's why I'm using Versamail now. At least I know that my inbox and my sent folder will be the same. Emails sent from the Treo show up in the sent folder on my workstation so I can then file the sent emails as needed.


I have Chatter operating happily on my Treo 650 with the Gmail --> Fastmail bunny hop working just fine.

I have all of my RSS feeds forwarded to Chatter as emails, so I can keep up with the world. This is an IMAP setup with fastmail.com. Too cool for words, I can't tell you.

Once you've gone IMAP you never want anything else.


I also have Versamail sucking my corporate email from the Exchange Server and doing over the air sync of my calendar. I am willing to give up the over the air calendar sync in order to use Chatter.

Here's how my IT guy has things set up.

1. I have an outside ISP that hosts my website and mail server. Thus to the outside world, all inbound corporate mail goes to mail.mydomain.com. A POP account is set up for me there.

2. I have the Exchange Server that sucks the email off mail.mydomain.com. Exchange 2003 for what it's worth. (No value judgments intended or expressed here).

3. I sit at my friendly workstation and read the the mail via Outlook. If I'm out of the office I hit the sync button in Versamail and it synchronizes with the Exchange Server so I can see my inbox folder. And only my inbox folder.

4. Outbound mail takes the reverse route. Email from workstation to Exchange Server to mail.mydomain.com at the ISP to the intended recipient. If from the Treo, it goes from Treo to Exchange Server to mail.mydomain.com.


Mail takes this route because my IT guy says it is better to let the ISP manage spam barrages, etc. and he'd rather not make the Exchange Server visible to the outside world as the actual mailserver for mydomain.com. (This is my interpretation of what he's telling me).

He also says that in some cases he has seen people get their email blocked as potential spam where the email comes from an Exchange Server system. I guess some people have figured that an enterprising spam merchant with a cheapie Exchange box could rule the world if he wanted to.


I don't use an IMAP mailbox in Outlook because, well, I tried it and it just isn't as seamless as it should be. Clunky.


So what can I do so that I can use Chatter in IMAP mode and at the same time keep my inbox and sent folders in the Treo and on my workstation always up to date?