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    I wanted RSS feeds on my Treo so I would have another reason to fondle the unit. CAREFUL THERE. THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT.

    I didn't want yet another piece of software hogging memory, and using Blazer for Bloglines was just too slow.

    I set up an account at (free) into which I put the URLfor the feed I want. I provided my (free) address and told Squeet to send the feed as text. Then Chatter (not free but worth more than I paid to Marc) receives the feed and it shows up on my lovely Treo.

    It works great.

    I set up some folders in Fastmail for prolific feeds (I'm looking at you, and a folder called RSS so all of these feeds wouldn't pollute my inbox too much. Use the filtering in Chatter or at Fastmail.

    Have fun. Now back to lunch.
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    This is a great tip. I definitely need to look into it.
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    Got to try it too, thanks.
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    Was a great tip, I set up my wireless sync with an account specifically for this! Its nice to get RSS feeds again, and it was so easy to setup
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    There's another free RSS-to-email service just like Go look at I'm trying out both for now to see which one I prefer. has the more refined user interface.
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    Nice idea. However, I signed up for two feeds and got about twenty emails in two hours.
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    I have used both Rssfwd and Rmail, for over six months. Both are excellent. One nice feature with Rssfwd is it can tell you what other feeds subscribers to a certain feed also subsribed (anonymous, of course). I found a bunch of new feeds that way.

    Squeet looks promising, because it said on their site that they poll every 30 minutes. Rssfwd and Rmail seems to poll about every hour. Both have very unobtrusive ads.

    I don't see why anyone who has Chatter would use an Rss reader, instead of having their feeds forwarded to email (unless you need your feeds the instant they are published).
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    I do the same exact thing with works very nicely. I don't like to put news feeds though because they are way too often/much =/
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    Quote Originally Posted by machx
    I do the same exact thing with works very nicely. I don't like to put news feeds though because they are way too often/much =/
    I'll second Yahoo's beta blog service. I only wish they had the option for plain text alerts for the RSS, instead of the html, full of Yahoo's typical blather. Would be nice to be able to see the RSS without having to hit More (in Chatter) for every Y!Alert...

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