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    Can anyone tell me how they got their 700w to work with Goodlink (OTA setup vs cradle) and what version client they used, etc. I cannot get it to finish installing.

    I disabled the EV-DO, in case you are wondering.
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    Got this from the GoodLink Yahoo Group:

    MSL= "Master Subsidy Lock", this is a unique code for the phone to
    unlock a bunch of advanced settings... I changed the modem setting
    to CMDA from automatic.. phone now locks in to 1xRtt no problem.

    To get into the Epst settings simply dial ##778 and select "edit"
    (entering the MSL code) and away you go.. be warned though.. be VERY
    careful in what you change in the Epst setting..after making the
    changes the phone will soft reset itself. You should be able to get
    your MSL from your carrier.. it is unique to the phone..

    I installed OTA GL V4.7.0.25.. ( not sure if
    this is a newer release than I originally tried but there were some
    noteable differences..

    My carrier is TELUS mobility.. previously I was unable to
    select "Other" as a carrier... now I can.. ... some observations I
    have made in the first 24hrs of GL on my 6700.

    1) It appears "stable: in 1x mode.. I have not had to hard reset as
    yet.. previously (with EVDO active) I was hard resetting every hour
    or so..

    2) I had to soft reset once due to the fact that I was still trying
    to activesync my inbox when tethered via USB and I think this
    conflicts with the OTA Goodlink synching.. I have now disabled all
    ActiveSync settings save the "Files" option.

    3) After installing GL the phone would not go to sleep.. i.e. the
    setting for power was to switch off after 1 minute... this did not
    work until I went back into the power management settings.. disabled
    and re-enabled this setting.. also even if I put the device to sleep
    with the "power" button and left it for over 5 minutes.. switched
    back on and the phone did not ask for a password.. I had to reset
    the password settings as well.. after this all was well.

    4) Tethered modem use is problematic since GL seems to want to have
    the 1xRtt data link open most of the time... you have to drop the
    data link (by disabling the modem).. then re-enable it before GL
    figures out it's up again and then quickly run the wireless modem
    app.. seems to work ok just a little fusy.

    It has been a little under 24hours without any major issues.. I will
    post an update in another week or so.
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    I am having trouble with the certificates. This is not an issue i have with any of the other installs I have done. Is there some requirement for installing certificates on Exchange or the Goodlink server?

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