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    Set up my BT headset so that I can pick weather I answer it via headset or via my T650?

    Sometimes I want to use my T650 to answer even tho my BT headset is on. I cant seem to figure this out.

    any ideas?
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    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
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    The only real way to do that , that I am away of is either turn the bluetooth off on the headset or Treo when you want to answer with the Treo. Other wise if the BT is on and they are in range its going to default to the BT. Most phones that I have used are like that if BT is on and headset is in range its going to go to the headset. I would like to see the option given when the phone rings , like a pop up or something that says handset or headset ans let's you answer. I know I am dreamin......
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    or some sort of key presses with the action button.

    for instance when Im in the car and I have a call, say its my ex wife who wants to talk to my son, if my BT is on, than I cant answer any other way except on the BT headset, ok fine, then if I want to let my son talk to the ex (hes 4) I really dont feel like watching him try to put on a BT headset, Id rather just hand him the phone.

    weird that I cant do that.
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.
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    This is simple, IIRC.....when I get a call anyway with CNG 650, I see the headset icon appear on the screen I think it has a line thru it for "cancel headset". I haven't used it this way for about 6 months but unless Alzheimers settling in, it did work.

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